The xbox helps with cureing peoples bordem by letting the users play video games,watch youtube videos, searching the internet and even watching other people play xbox

How It works

The xbox functions off of a tiny computer inside the xbox telling it what to do when you press different buttons on the controller.Also you can play games and do many other things while playing xbox

How to use xbox

A fun way of playing xbox is with friends you can play games up to four players! Also if you don't have any friends :( you can also play solo games but don't watch any videos on the game unless you want to spoil it your self!

Xbox's good and bads

Xbox has many many games too play and people to play with but you need to buy a membership to play or as xbox calls it "gold" This runs out every 1 month, 3 months, or year depending on which one you buy. From Personal experience it is breakable but the xbox it self is pretty sturdy unless you drop it.


The affect xbox has on our culture is people are getting too addictided to playing the xbox all day. This is affect is making people become over weight and lazy and not wanting to get jobs. Also it affecting our culture in a good way, some people use xbox as a way too get away from reality, some are using it as a source of income by streaming or profestional gameing.

What i would change

Some of the things i would change on xbox is the membership. I believe that playing the xbox should be free because you already have to buy the games themselves and buy microtransactions in the games. Also i would change interface of the xbox to the microsoft computer inter face so that xbox and pc gamers could play together.